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GAF golden pledge woodland series

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    Removal of all roofing materials is key

    When replacing a roof, it is important to take all roofing materials off down to the decking to make sure there is no softwood or water damage beneath. This will help to ensure that your new roof is fastened properly to your home or business.

    This is a view of the roof installers working on the roof of the church.

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    Customer testimonial GAF and TPO
    Customer testimonial.
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    GAF woodland series shingles slate look

    GAF woodland series shingles have the look of slate without the high cost of real slate, and perform beautifully!

    This is a view of shingles being installed. There is felt installed and shingles being nailed over the felt.

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    Tapered ISO installation process

    In this photo, you can see several layers of ISO board being applied to achieve the tapered system with 1/4 inch per footfall minimum.

    This is the installation of a flat roof with ISO boards.

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    GAF underlayment ensures quality install

    GAF roofing components not only help to ensure a quality roof but also are required for a 25-year workmanship warranty.

    This is the view of the slope of the roof with GAF Feltbuster installed.

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    Cricket installation on tapered ISO

    Crickets near drains are installed to channel water towards scupper drains and avoid standing water.

    This is the view of the flat portion of the roof.

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    Happy Customer Testimonial
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