This is why the install crew is the most important part of your roof

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    Shingles sliding down the roof

    The shingles Are sliding down the roof because they are high nailed. There is a strike zone in the center of the shingle that the nails are supposed to go through. all of these nails are about 2 to 3″ above that strike zone.

    This is a picture of Orange coloured shingles that are beginning to slide off the roof

     In this picture, you can see how the shingles are high nailed. Below the nail holes, there are red dots that represent where the nails should be at.

    In this picture there are circles Drawn on a shingle showing where the nail holes are at.

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    A chimney Completely falling apart

    These pictures don’t need much explanation. The chimney is truly about to fall off the roof.  The mortar is falling out all over, and the bricks have massive gaps in between each other. one good push and this entire chimney would fall off the roof!

    This is a picture of a small brick chimney on a roof and the bricks are starting to come apart and mortar is coming out between them

    As you can see the roofer chose to put this roof on used shingles instead of metal flashing to flash the chimney. This is allowing water to get in all around the chimney!

    This is a picture of a smalle chimney that has shingles around the bottom of it in place of metal flashing

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