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Old Three Tab Roof

  1. 1
    Various Missing Shingles

    This roof is an old three-tab roof. It has various missing shingles all over. This roof also has a lot of nail pops. All of these things are good areas for leaks to occur.

    This is a picture of an old brown three tab roof with missing shingles

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  2. 2
    No Chimney Flashing Present

    Both of the chimneys on this roof do not have any chimney flashing. The shingles have just been running up the chimney to divert water. The big chimney has significant gaps between the boards and the chimney, making it easy for water to get in.

    this is a picture of a chimney with a gap in between the shingles This is a picture of a small chimney with no flashing This is a picture of a big chimney with no flashing

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  3. 3
    Back Gutter Is Falling Off

    The back right corner of the gutter has detached from the fascia boards. Currently, the gutter is hanging off of the house.

    This is a picture of a white gutter is falling off the hosue

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  4. 4
    Old Pipe Boot

    The pipe boot on this roof is very old and is starting to separate from the roof. The shingles are buckling and can cause leaks.

    This is a picture of an old pipe boot that is coming off the roof

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  5. 5
    Video Inspection Of Roof
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