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It is very important to Nail Shingles properly.  Roofs can have major problems on the shingles or not they will properly the shingles can blow off the roof to leak major problems can occur because of this. This roof has missing nails high nails and nails that are too close to the unions. Also several nails appear to be driven and slightly sideways or deflected, causing the shingles to lift up. In Knoxville Tennessee contractors should be aware that this is something that we need to do correctly for our customers.

This Roof Has Been Incorrectly Nailed

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    Roof that is not nailed correctly in Knoxville TN

    This is a picture of a shingle roof that has been miss nailed in Knoxville Tennessee

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This chimney pipe was not Flash properly

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    The shingles should be laping over the edge of this metal

    When a chimney is installed on a roof the metal needs to be installed properly and shingles need to be covering the metal correctly this wasn’t done on this chimney flue.

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