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Owens Corning Shingles Installed

  1. 1
    Chimneys Repaired

    Both chimneys had all of the flashing replaced because the old flashing was in very bad shape and not protecting it from water. The front chimney had a cricket built to divert the water away.

    This is a picture of a small chimney with new flashingThis is a picture of a chimney  with a new cricket and flashing

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  2. 2
    New Components All Around

    Along with replacing all of the shingles on the roof we also installed synthetic underlayment, ice and water shield, drip edge, pipe boots and ridge vent. All of these components will give this roof a long life.

    This is a picture of new ridge vent and ridge cap shingles on a roof This is a picture of two valleys at the front of the house.This is a picture of a  new black pipe boot

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  3. 3
    New Gutters

    After the roof was completed we replaced all of the gutters in this house. We installed new black 5” gutters to match the roof.

    This is a picture of new black five inch gutters

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  4. 4
    Video Inspection
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