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Dim lit dark rooms can be transformed into bright well lit areas with a new skylight Townsend TN

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    Adding skylights when a dark room is in need of natural light makes all the difference

    Here, you can see what adding natural light by installing skylights can do in a cabin with dark areas. It lights up a room!

    Skylights can really brighten up those dark areas in your home. They are one of the very best and most cost effective ways to bring natural light in your house.  Did you know that increasing natural light in your habitat can improve your mood and brain function?

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    More windows please! Skylights or windows installed right on your rooftop bringing in tons of light from above

    Brighten up those dimly lit dark rooms with a skylight or sun tunnel

    Check out how this skylight lights up this dark corner over this bathtub! Skylers can also look in the Moonlight and starlight, and you’re lucky. You can view the stars on a clear night!

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    Deck mounted Velux skylights are low profile and built to last. They can be added to an existing roof or installed to new construction homes on shingle roofs as well as metal roofs

    Deck mount skylight installed on an existing shingle roof. This particular example is a horizontal installation. This can be a little more expensive due to added framing

    Here, you can see what a skylight can potentially look like installed on your shingle roof. Reasonably low profile and well built, they look like a window on your roof. 

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