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Inspecting This Roof After Completion

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    Happy Customers want to Mention a few of the reasons they chose Litespeed Construction

    It’s always fun to interview and talk to customers if we completed a project. Wanted to get a few ideas on why this customer chose us which part of the process they were happiest with.  
    Check it out these Pam and Brianne are really really cool!

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    This is a Video of the Roof Inspection After Completion

    We always inspect our projects after we complete them. This roof has been finished and the customer wants to take a look at some of the details so we provide a quick video To show them the project.


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    Here is some of the roof deck boards we replaced

    The boards on the rear of the property are very unique here’s some that we replaced

     Not all of the boards that we replaced are in this image but this is a good chunk of them there was just way too wide of gaps here for us to be comfortable roofing.

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  4. 4
    We had fun cleaning up and flashing the skylight

    This is a picture of a skylight during roofing you can see all the shingles removed around it

    This is another picture of the same skylight durning construction

    This is a picture after the skylight has been installed and step flashed

    The skylight with all the shingles removed around it

    This is the skylight headpiece that we custom fabricated to work on this roof

    This is also an after image of the skylight post construction

    Here if you before during and after photos of us installing this existing skylight on the new roof.

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