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Back Side of Home Has Major Roof Needs

  1. 1
    Roof Flashing and Siding are Problem

    The flashing is where the roof meets the siding.  At this location, we will need to remove the siding, make repairs, flash the roof correctly, and replace this portion of the home with new siding.


    This is a picture of roof siding that is damaged.

    This is a picture of white roof siding that is not in place.

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  2. 2
    Gutter is in Bad Shape

    This gutter is falling off the back of the home. It will fall off when a tear-off occurs. There is a roof leak near the gutter, with rotten boards.


    Gutter that is full of leaves and debris and damaged gutter guards.

    Gutter guards that are no longer functioning and allowing debris in.

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  3. 3
    Old Deck Boards need to be Renailed

    When roofing deck boards become loose, they need to be renailed.  This roof requires that.

    This is an a view from the attic at the decking.

    A view from the inside of the attic of the roof deck.


    This is a picture of black shingles that has bad board beneath it.

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  4. 4
    The Soffit has a Droop

    Corbels support the roof deck.  This appears to be strong, but it is drooping.  It would be costly to fix this droop.  It doesn’t seem like that will be done as a part of this project.


    This is a picture from the ground for a view of the soffit.

    Another view of damaged white soffit

    This is damaged layer of brick at the chimney.

    This is a view of the gutters at a corner of house with lots of leaves and debris.

    The shingles in this photo are covered in moss.

    This is a view of roof flashing and gutter guards.

    This is a picture of chimney cap where the rock is breaking away. This is a picture of gray shingles that was repaired incorrectly.

    This is a picture of the ridge vent with hail damage.

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