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GAF Warranty Inspection

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    Roof Leaking at Chimney

    Roof leak from inside.  So this what the customer noticed and called GAF about.  GAF notified Litespeed Construction that there was a roof leak on a Golden Pledge Warranty, and the contractor who had performed the work is now out of business.  Litespeed came out to look at this problem for GAF.

    roof leak in the garage of a roof at the chimney in knoxville tn

    ceiling stained and hole in drywall caused by a roof leak in knoxville tn

    The Chimney cap is the reason for this roof leak. Not the shingles or flashing. Proposed a new metal chimney cap.

    the chimney cap is the cause of this roof leak it is not caused by the shingles or the flashing
    this chimney cap is definitely causing these roof leaks in knoxville tn

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    Only One Nail Pop Found On Inspection

    The nail pops are a huge risk and issue for warranties.

    this is a picture of gray shingles with a nail poking or popping through the shingles

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  3. 3
    Some Soft Roof Deck Boards

    Roof deck boards are not rotten here, they are just a little soft.  This probably is not an issue for the roof integrity.

    this section of this roof has soft spot, it is not anything that is causing a problem or needs to be repaired

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