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Brick and mortar soaking up water

  1. 1
    Moisture Reading at the brick of the chimney.

    As you can see the moisture level is higher than it should be. The normal level is about 16 to 21 percent. Levels on this chimney are at 89.2 and 70.8.

    This is an image of a moisture reader indicating moisture detected.

    This is an image of a moisture detector indication moisture detected behind the brick.

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    Additional moisture readings.

    Moisture levels are above 82 percent. This means water is penetrating the brick and mortar. Soaking it up like a sponge and getting in the house. 

    The moisture reader detected high percent of water behind the brick of the chimney.


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  3. 3
    Holes and cracks in brick and mortar

    Note the openings, cracks, and missing mortor on the chimney.

    This is showing the holes and cracks in the brick and mortar of the chimney.


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