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Shingles on a roof in the valley

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    The first roof leak is near the pitch break

    This roof leak is at a facia return where there is flashing that ends in a low slope. There is also a exhaust for a dryer vent here. Roof leaking at low slope valley roof.

    This is a picture of a brown shingle that has roof leaks This is a picture of an area that might be leaking where facia metal returns into a single roof This is a picture of standing drywall where there is a roof leak This is a picture of a Pipe That is above a ceiling spot that is leaking This is a pie that has a roof leak below it in an attic space

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    This is the second roof leak that is appearing inside

    This is a picture of a drywall ceiling stain This is a picture of moisture meter inside of a home showing moisture in a wall This is a picture of a pipe that might be causing a roof leak This is a picture of a nail that is misplaced too close to the union of two shingles on a roofThis is the second roof leak that is appearing inside. This roof leak is in the middle of this valley around 10 feet down from where the pitch changes. There is some moisture issue in the drywall on the inside, there’s a picture of my moisture meter here. This leak is most likely coming in not at one of the exhaust pipes but at a shingle union where the water can be getting in. There’s a picture of a shingle union at the rusted nail in the nail is close to close to the union of the shingle. Take a look.



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    Shingles are not always great for low slope roofs

    When you add shingles to a low slope roof sometimes it works great there’s never any problems. From time to time what can be experienced it is that the roof is great for many years and then has problems. This Ruth is at a 1.8 to 12 pitch take a look at the picture.

    This is a picture showing low slope of a roof

    The two solutions propose to resolve this are going to be a membrane roof like a rubber roof or a solution we’re all shingle unions are caulked all penetrations are called the fascia return And flashing are all sealed tightly. This is too possible ways that this issue can be resolved.

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