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The roof over the garage

  1. 1
    Exposed nails and nail holes in ridge

    this is a picture of an exposed nail that is on a ridge vent of a roof

    The nail on the left is exposed, leaving it open to rainwater. 

    The nail on the right has punched through the shingle, leaving an open hole for water penetration.

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  2. 2
    not staggered correctly

    this is a picture showing improper stagger of shingles in sevierville tn

    This is an incorrect stagger. The correct stagger would look like a stair step every 6 inches. Here you can see its back and forth, leaving the shingles in straight rows. 

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  3. 3
    Random damaged shingles

    Random damaged shingles.

    this is a picture showing weather and cracking dimensional singles that are weathered wood in color

    this is a picture of a big crack in roof shingles that can cause roof leaks in sevierville tn

    Random shingles need to be replaced.

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  4. 4
    valley woven incorrectly

    Valley has woven incorrectly.

    this is a picture of the valley of an old dimensional shingle in sevierville tn

    The top of the valley is cut bottom is woven. It should be one of the 2, not both. Now water can run under the bottom woven shingles. Both valleys are like this.  

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