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Old Roof With Installation Issues

  1. 1
    Back Side With Some Issues

    The back side of this roof has some soft spots that will need to be addressed when the roof is torn off. It is likely that 2 sheets of OSB will be needed.

    This is a picture of a gray dimensional shingle roof with an old vent

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  2. 2
    Bad Installation On Ridge

    This home has old-style metal ridge vents. With the installation of a new roof, we will install a new bigger plastic ridge vent that will allow the roof to breathe better. Good ventilation on your roof is key to its longevity of it. This roof also had dimensional shingles used as ridge cap shingles. This is definitely not correct and could be a possibility of leaks.

    This is a picture of an old black metal ridge vent on a gray roof This is a picture of dimensional shingles on a ridge

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  3. 3
    Valley With Some Issues

    This valley has had some work done to it. Apparently, there was a leak here, and an attempt was made to repair it with some roofing cement. The new GAF shingles that will be installed on this home will serve as good protection from any leaks to this home. 
    This is a picture  of a valley with some black roofing cement

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