Roof Inspection in Dandridge TN

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    Roof Inspection Video
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    This is the front of the roof

    This is a 23-year-old shingle roof that has hail damage in Dandridge Tennessee

    The front of this roof doesn’t have any missing or wind damage shingles, but there is a lot of fiberglass showing on each shingle and obviously there is quite a bit of hail damage on this roof too.

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    These vents have hail impacts

    Hail damage roof vent in Dandridge Tennessee This is a Grey Shingle With roof damage

    When hail hits a roof It can impact the soft metals of the roof this will be the Vents and Gutters and Flashing.  These portions of the roof that are damaged It’s always a good place to check for actual hail damage because this will be with any insurance company and inspects.

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    These gutters need to be replaced

    These gutters need to be replaced, They are holding a lot of water and improperly pitched. Also there is hail damage on them and every miter is leaking.

    This is a picture of a Gutter that has leaks at the miter This is a picture of a gutter corner that is leaking This is the gutter that is holding water and is Miss pitched in dandridge TN

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