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Leaking chimney flashing and needs a cricket

  1. 1
    Long-term leak at chimney flashing causing rot

    When leaks are left Unnoticed or neglected, they begin to cause rot to sheathing and rafters

    Here, you can see the indention in the roof where the leak has been occurring. This is due to long-term exposure to water, causing the wood sheathing underneath the shingles to rot. New chimney flashing, replacement sheathing, and shingles need to be addressed. 

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  2. 2
    Flashing around the chimney includes step flashing and counter flashing

    Here is a diagram of the proper method for flashing or re-flashing a chimney

    Flashing around the chimney includes step flashing and counter flashing. These are two of the main components that will prevent water from entering the chimney. When installed correctly, this method can sometimes last through several shingle replacements.

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  3. 3
    A chimney cricket can shed water to the sides of the chimney lessening the chance for a leak

    this is a grey colored shingle roof meeting a brick chimney in knoxville tn

    In this example, cricket has been added to the broadside of the chimney to keep water from gathering at the base. This will help to shed excessive water by channeling it to the edge of the chimney. 

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  4. 4
    Inspection video of a roof with bad chimney flashing, no cricket, some vent boots in need of attention on an older three tab shingle roof
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  5. 5
    Soffits sagging and warping, water leaking through eaves

    Quarter inch plywood soffits I’m beginning to warp and detach

    This house has 1/4 inch plywood soffits with vents. It is sagging and detaching around much of the house, mainly where the chimney leak is located and water is passing through the eve. 

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