Aerial Image of a Roof Replacement

  1. 1
    These shingles are worn out

    This is a shingle that has fiberglass mat showing

    These shingles you can see that there are locations that you can see fiberglass, this is always the sign of a shingle that will need to have a roof replaced.

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  2. 2
    This section of the roof is very worn out

    This is a worn out brown shingle

    This is a badly worn-out section of the roof that will require roof replacement. When you can see the fiberglass in the matter the shingles and the tar that means that it is time to replace the roof

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  3. 3
    Old Guttes Hold water and leak

    When we re-roof a residence it is important to inspect the condition of the gutters, because the roofing material will be sliding in hitting the gutters. These gutters are in bad shape and strongly be considered for replacement while we are replacing the roof.

    This is a picture of a gutter that is full of standing water This is a picture of water standing in a gutter Picture of a gutter leak at a corner

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    Residential Reroof Inspection Video
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