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Leaking roof on a Gatlinburg condo

  1. 1
    Large gap between metal roofing

    There was a more significant than the average gap in this metal. It didn’t make sense that there was this large gap. In this picture, I added black metal flashing under and behind the metal roofing to prevent water penetration in that area. Then I sealed it off with clear NP1

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  2. 2
    Sealing up all the unions

    In this picture which is the same as the main picture, you can see where I sealed up the unions. The unions are the area at the edge of a metal roofing panel. I put a red Mark’s just above the lines I sealed. These areas can sometimes take on water during heavy winds and this building probably gets high winds a lot due to it sitting right on top of the ridge of a mountain.


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  3. 3
    Ridge cap too high off of roof

    This gap size can allow water to get into the ridge during heavy rains or heavy winds. I used metal flashing to enclose this area and seal it with clear NP1.

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  4. 4
    Another very large gap on the ridge cap

    As you can see, this is another area with a massive gap between the two pieces of the metal ridge. I did the same thing I did to the others. I put metal flashing under and behind it and sealed it in place.

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  5. 5
    Random screws backing out

    I screwed back in any screws that I found backing out. Any that were questionable, I put a dab of NP1 on.

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