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bad roofing repair jobs, plus nail pops, and bad pipe boots

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    Bad shingle repair job

    Each red arrow points to a shingle union. A union is where 2 shingles butt together. A shingle should be on a 6-inch stagger. This way the shingle unions don’t come close to lining up. This patch job was done terribly wrong. Some of these shingles are only very small pieces for some reason, and all the unions are right on top of each other.

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  2. 2
    ripped shingle to install pipe boot

    As you can see this pipe boot was installed exactly like the other one. The shingle was just torn and then the pipe boot wasn’t even nailed. You should also notice that the edge of the shingle is right at the edge of the pipe boot. The chances of water getting in here are is about 80%.


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    Nail pops, and un-caulked nail heads.

    Same as the other side, a good amount of nail pops and exposed nail heads with no caulk on it.

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    Roof repairs

    In this section, I am going to post pictures that were scattered around different things that need attention or fixed. The top picture is just more mold growing on the roof. The next one down is buckled shingles on the edged of another poor attempt at a repair. 2nd one down shows a low nail where someone nailed the shingle way too low exposing the nail head. The bottom picture shows a torn shingle possibly from the wind but more than likely from a poor install. 1

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