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Roof Repairs and Gutter Replacement

  1. 1
    Pipe Boot Replacement

    Pipe boot replacement this pipe boot is new and in a brown colored roof
    The pipe boot was replaced to prevent any leaks along with the shingles around it.

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  2. 2
    Replaced Missing Shingles

    Replaced missing shingles

    Replaced all missing shingles in this area. These had previously been taken off or blown off.

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  3. 3
    Replaced Boards and Shingles

    Replaced boards and ahingles at the ridge of the roof and there is a new ridge vent here

    Replaced boards and shingles This roof is brown in color and there is a great match that we had for this roof
    Replaced the wood in 6 spots where it had leaked and rotted out. Replaced shingles with it.

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  4. 4
    Replaced Ridge Vent

    Replaced ridge vent And you can see that the new colored shingles are a great match here they are brown in color
    Replaced old metal ridge cap with a new ridge vent and shingles. This will allow the home to breathe better.

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  5. 5
    New Gutters and Downspouts

    New gutters

    New gutters and downspouts were installed along with the entire house. The home will now have proper drainage. 

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  6. 6
    Video Of Roof Repairs
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