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GAF Timberline HDZ Silver Pledge Roof Measurement.

  1. 1
    GAF Silver Pledge Warranty System

    GAF Silver Pledge Warranty is a Registered roof warranty with GAF the countries largest shingle manufacturer.  This will include a non-pro-rated 50-year shingle warranty.  This warranty covers any manufacturer defects!


    Silver Pledge also includes a 10-year GAF workmanship warranty.  This warranty will cover any roof leaks that occur for 10 years.

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    Info on GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles

    GAF Timberline Weathered Wood color most closely matches the existing roof color.

    this is a picture of gaf timberline weathered wood shingles

    this is a picture of gaf weathered wood shingles on a roof


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  3. 3
    Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards

    The gutter helmets have holes in some instances and are sold metal above in other instances.  Maybe remove all of these, as per client discussion.

    this is a picture of gutter guards

    this is a picture of gutter helmet gutter guards

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  4. 4
    Roof Ventilation

    1. Larger ridge cuts should be made to allow more hot attic air to escape.  The use of modern ridge vents will also allow better attic airflow.

    2. Solar-powered attic vents are very cool, but not necessary with GAF Cobra 3 ridge vents being installed.  If solar or power vents are used, it is recommended to put them west facing as this is where most of the roof heat gets trapped.

    3. Some soffit vents may be covered by attic insulation.  This can cause trouble with roof ventilation.

    this is a picture of a solar powered attic vent in knoxville tn

    this is a picture of an old metal ridge vent on an old roof in knoxville tn

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    Customer Testimonials
    happy customer 2

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    Customer testimonials

    Happy roofing customer testimonials 

    happy roofing customer testimonials 2

    happy roofing customer testimonial 3.
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    Customer Testimonial

    Customer testimonial roofing

    Customer testimonial roofing

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