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Epdm leaking, and ballast buckling

  1. 1
    huge raised up bubble in roof

    this is a view of a black rubber roof that has commercial roof leaks

    this is a view of failing commercial roof that is black in color this is also called epdm lap

    The line bubbled up about 10 inches

    Split wide open

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  2. 2
    ISO boards are buckling under membrane



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  3. 3
    failing patch work

    patch work

    this image is a commercial roof repair on a black epdm roof

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  4. 4
    patches on top of patches.

    There are patches on top of patches, and this is all over the roof.

    1. this is a section of a ballast roof that has the rock pushed back due to leaks in a commercial roofing systemleaks
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  5. 5
    Repairs on parapet walls

    this is a parapet wall with rubber roofing running up it

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  6. 6
    core sample.

    We are taking a core sample to determine the depth of ISO Boards and to check the moisture level.

    this is a core sample of this old epdm roof core samples are where we cut a roof to see how many layers of commercial roofing is there

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