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Pipe boots in bad shape

  1. 1
    Electrical pole pipe boot needs replaced

    The pipe boot on the electrical pole going through the roof is shot! It was probably leaking in the past due to all the old cracking roofing cement on it. Plus, the screws are backing out as well. The same goes for the pipe boot on the plumbing vent. It’s old and covered in roofing cement. It also needs to be replaced.

    This is a picture of a pipe boot covered in roofing cement

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  2. 2
    Plumbing pipe boot in bad shape as well

    Here is a picture of the plumbing pipe boot that looks as bad as the otherThis is a picture of a plumbing pipe boot that is covered in roofing cement. Its on a green metal roof

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  3. 3
    Loose roofing panels

    Very loose roofing panels at lower transition.

    This is a picture of a green metal roofing panel that is loose because its not screwed down

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    Inspection video
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