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Our customer called us with some roof leaks and upon inspection, I discovered that there are some issues with the chimney flashing as well as a bad shingle installation on the roof. The additional leak on the back lower slope is likely caused by shingles that have not been staggered properly during installation. Several of the shingles in the leaking area butted together at the unions in a direct line down the roof, causing water to enter between shingles and likely eventually rusting and leaking at nails.

Dimensional Roof with Installation Issues and Leaks

  1. 1
    Flashing at chimney does not appear to have been replaced with previous roof. Leaks and no counter flashing

    Bad chimney flashing with leaks

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  2. 2
    Joints at shingles are not staggered properly, allowing water to run between shingles to nails at unions

    Stagger on this shingle roof is incorrectly staggered

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