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Wind damaged roof in Seymour Tennessee

  1. 1
    Missing and damaged shingles

    this is a picture of old gray dimensional shingles with missing tabs and missing shingles

    In this photo, you can see that some of the shingles on the slope were missing tabs and showed signs of wind damage.

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  2. 2
    Wind damage is evident on ridge cap

    this is a picture of a missing shingle on the peak of a roof
    Ridge cap shingles are often the first to go during a windstorm.

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  3. 3
    Wind damage on fascia metal

    The facia metal has been separated from the wood framing behind it due to high winds.

    this picture shows a close up of shingles and that there is severe granule loss on these dimensional shingles

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    Water damage on soffit

    this is a picture of the vented soffit and white gutters for this home

    Here, you can see evidence of water pouring through the soffit. A roof leak almost definitely causes this.

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