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Commercial Roof Drainage Problems

  1. 1
    3 Roof Drains All have Standing Water

    All three of the roof drains in the back of the roof have standing water.

    Standing water on commercial roof at a drain Standing water on commercial roofs can cause leaks Scupper drain with standing water on a commercial roof

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    Cutting the scupper drains to flow better

    It is very disappointing to have ponding water on the back of this roof.  Because the roof has such a beautiful slope and fall from the front to the back. It’s very unfortunate that the back of the roof ponds water at the drains.

    With that said the recommendation on how to resolve this standing water is to open the drain up at the bottom this will require cutting through the wall with the lower channel so that the water can pass easier instead of ponding on this commercial roof.

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  3. 3
    Cutting the drains lower

    In order to cut these drains lower we will need to break the brick on the outside of the wall so that we can make a drain that is lower here’s a picture of the outside wall as the drain goes into a gutter box.

    Commercial roof drain into a gutter box

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