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Leaking R panel metal roof in need of a commercial roof coating in Knoxville Tennessee.

Aldo Coating is a silicone roof top coat that is sprayed directly over the metal roof or in this case directly onto the old roof coating over metal roof.



Old metal R panel commercial roof leaks need coating

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    Old failing roof coating

    In this photo of the lower roof surface, you can see that in the old coating is peeling and failing.  This is likely due to inferior materials, age, and maintenance issues.this is a picture of an old roof coating with all sorts of problems

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    The skylights present on this building appear to be new. They are very thin and flimsy and appear to have inconsistent sealant. These edges and screws will also be detailed with Aldo 385
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    Inspection video
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    Seamless, UV resistant, long lasting and renewable ALDO coatings

    this is a picture of the roof coating that we are proposing it is an aldo silicone roof coatingAldo 395 silicone roof systems are a great way to extend the life of your commercial metal roof.  With proper installation and maintenance, they can last 10-15 years  initially, and can be re-coated to renew protection and warranty!

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