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The chimney is leaking  Knoxville, TN.

It is important to look at the shingles, the siding, and the chimney cap when inspecting for a chimney roof leak.

This roof leak is probably actually a stucco leak. There were many voids in this stucco that can cause water to come into the home.

Chimney has possible leaks at and around the cap and the stucco has holes in it.

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    Chimney cap and stucco could be the probelm.

    The leak could be at the chimney cap, but the stucco should also be addressed as a possible issue.

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    Stucco on the chimney needs to be fixed.

    The holes in the stucco are probably causing the chimney to leak.  We can seal with mortar, or np1 caulk and touch up paint.


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Chimney Counter flashing and step flashing is a mess.

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    Step flashing at the chimney.

    This is a view of the step flashing at the chimney.

    flashing is gnarly, but prob not the cause of this roof leak.  Better to fix stucco and chimney cap first.

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Edge of roof is misinstalled, no starter shingles

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    No starter shingle at the eave of the roof.

    Shingles are beginning to crease.  The starter shingle protects the edges of the roof.  These shingles will blow off sooner rather than later and cause huge problems on the roof's edge.

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