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Beautiful Home in Old North Knoxville in Need of New Siding, Fascia, Soffit and Gutters

  1. 1
    Oversized fascia and columns wrapped in trim coil

    In this photo you can see that the oversized facia and pillars and caps are wrapped in trim coil metalIn this photo, you can see that the columns and large facia have been wrapped in trim coil metal. This myrtle has oxidized over the years and no longer appears clean after treatment. You can also see that the aluminum soffit material on the porch ceiling and eaves shows signs of wear. For now, the eaves will be replaced with vinyl soffit material. The porch ceiling me being treated with a different material.

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  2. 2
    Siding showing stains and signs of wear as well as the facia metal and gutters

    Old oxidized stand brittle siding, facia metal and guttersSiding shows stains and signs of wear, as well as the facia metal and gutters—all of these items or aged and oxidizing past the point of restoration. The siding is beginning to chip in ages and becomes more brittle.


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    Damaged facia metal and sagging Gutters

    In this photo, you can see that the facia is damaged in the gutter appears to be detached

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