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Fancy oversized chicken coupe to get metal roof and sidingHere, we have a new construction chicken coupe that is roughly 20’ x 40’.  There are several structures on the property and we intend to match colors as well as possible. The structure is sound and very well constructed. Looking forward to this project!

Biltmore Chicken House

  1. 1
    Framed, Sheathed and ready for metal!

    Applying metal roofing to roof and walls

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  2. 2
    Metal siding to be terminated at the ground and openings with j channel

    Metal siding to be terminated at the ground and around windows with custom bent j channel

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  3. 3
    Metal roofing material on siding

    This metal roofing material is used to protect the siding of a chicken house. As you can see the Flashing is very important here and we were using metal behind Metal to make sure that we are flashing this window correctly.

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