Old Roof In Need Of Replacement

  1. 1
    A Flat Roof Is Recommended Here

    This is a flat section of the roof where water pools up on the corner and is causing a leak. We are recommending a flat rubber roof here to prevent any further leaks.

    This is a picture of an old gray roof valley leading to a flat roof

    This is a picture of a flat old gray roof with  water stains

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  2. 2
    Chimney Flashing Needs To Be Redone

    The chimney flashing will be redone with the new roof. This will prevent any future leaks at the chimney.

    This is a picture of a white chimney needing new flashing

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  3. 3
    Damaged Shingles

    These are damaged shingles and due to the age of the roof, the entire roof is being recommended to be replaced.

    This is a picture of an old gray roof with missing shingles

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  4. 4
    All Pipe Boots Will Be Replaced

    All three pipe boots will be replaced with the roof replacement.

    This is a picture of an old white exhaust pipe with an old black pipe boot

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