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Flat Roof Needing Repairs/Replacement

  1. 1
    Leaks Happening Here

    The leaks are coming through this seam. This is where two layers of membrane meet and the seams have all cracked and made it very easy for water to get through. An Aldo coating should be able to seal these all up.

    This is a picture of a seam that is cracked on an old black flat roof This is a picture of the ceiling where water is leaking from

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    Repairs To The Flat Roof

    The front left corner has a soft spot that will be repaired if the customer decides to go with the new TPO layover. Most of the seams on this roof are coming up making it easy for leaks.

    This is a picture of a  soft spot on a black flat roofThis is a picture of a seam that is coming up on a black flat roof

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    Aldo Coating

    This chimney could use an Aldo coating to seal up any crack on the top. This will prevent any water from getting in.




    This is a picture of a chimney with cracks that needs to be coated

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