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Litespeed Construction conducted an inspection of this home for a customer that is in the process of selling the home. Overall the roof is in good condition. The gutter guards appear to be new and excellent condition as well. The pipe boots have just been replaced and should last for many years.

Roof Inspection

  1. 1
    Gutter Guards In Good Condition

    These gutter guards in good condition and appear to be fairly new. They are placed correctly and no leaves should be able to get into the gutters.

    This is a picture of white gutter guards that are in good condition

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  2. 2
    New Pipe Boots

    The two-pipe boots on the roof were replaced and there should be no leaks coming from these exhaust pipes.

    This is a picture of a new black pipe boot

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  3. 3
    Accurately Spaced Shingles

    The shingles on this roof are accurately spaced. There should be no leaks coming from the unions.

    This is a picture of a gray shingle with arrows showing the unions

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    Vide Roof Inspection
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