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Knoxville roofing company inspects fascia and squirrel issues at a home in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Bore bees, woodpeckers, flying squirrels.

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    Why are woodpeckers pecking my house

    That’s a good question. Let me try and answer that for you. Woodpeckers only peck on wood in search of food. Woodpeckers actually have impeccable hearing….. no pun intended!!! So like I said they have great hearing and can hear and little bugs moving around in the wood. When “bore bees” or carpenter bees dig holes in the wood on your home they are females looking for a safe area to lay their eggs which turn into larva which woodpeckers love and will destroy any wood on your home to get to. Once the woodpeckers have created holes in the wood it’s only a matter of time before small critters take up residence inside the holes to get out of the weather.

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