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Problem areas on the roof

  1. 1
    Cracks in chimney

    These cracks are not only frequent, but they are also deep and can cause rainwater to penetrate below the roof line. We would fix this by caulking the cracks with a mortar-friendly adhesive that will last many years. This is a picture of Cracks in chimney

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  2. 2
    Low nails and nail pops

    There were nail pops and a handful of nails that were low-nailed. One nail I pulled out and caulked. You can see the whole nail was rusted from the head to the tip, proving water was penetrating all the way through the roof

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  3. 3
    Fascia metal installed improperly

    Whoever installed this metal couldn’t read a tape measure. As you can see, the metal is way too wide/tall. This metal should be over an inch smaller as it’s so tall it’s holding the shingles over an inch off the roo. This is causing the shingles to buckle and hold wate. This is a major problem. To remedy this problem, the metal will need to be cut down to the height of the roof decking so the shingles can sit down and be level. Not to mention the metal is covered in lots of moss  

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  4. 4
    Lots of moss

    This roof has more moss than most of the roofs I’ve seen this year combined. We will fix this by taking a stiff bristle broom and sweeping off the roof and then using a leaf blower and blowing off the excess tiny granules and dirt. 

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    Inspection video
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