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Knoxville Roofing Company does an inspection of a cedar shake roof

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    Pictures of the chimney flashing that was repaired this year on the roof

    Chimney and flashing with Cedar Shake Shingles This is a picture of chimney flashing on a wood shake roof

    This chimney flashing was added to protect this roof from leaking here at the chimney. It looks great and is performing flawlessly.


    this is an image of the terra cotta chimney caps

    This is the proposal for the 2 terra cotta chimney cap covers.

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    Knoxville Roofing company replaces cedar shake shingles

    This is a picture of missing cedar shake shingles on the roof More cedar shake shingles that are missing on a roof

    This roof has between five and seven missing shingles made out of Cedar. We intend to replace the shingles for our customer.

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    The gutter and gutter guards Are in poor shape

    This is an image ofI go to that is been painted it is the miter of the gutter This is an outside miter of a gutter that has been painted and you can see the gutter guard is coming off the top Gutter and Shake Shingles on a roof inspection

    You can see from the images that these gutter guards are pulling off in several locations pulling apart from the gutters. Also, the gutters are in bad shape at the miters and probably leak and most areas.

    this is a picture of the gutters and gutter guards we are proposing

    Proposing the new 6-inch gutters and gutter guards. Proposing to add powder-coated wire mesh gutter guards.

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    Video of Roof Inspection
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