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This is an Image of the Roof from the Back of the Home

  1. 1
    This roofline will need to be supported and we will also need to make some changes to the siding

    This is a picture of and unsupported roof line that has to be supported by corbelsThis roofline has to have corbels to support and most likely this soffit overhang needing to be replaced. We would need to replace the siding here to do this job properly. Because the corbels will be cut into the siding and the siding should go all the way up to the bottom of the roofline if the customer wants to consider keeping an open soffit look.

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  2. 2
    This is a picture of the proposed vinyl soffit sample

    This is a picture of a vinyl soffit sample board

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  3. 3
    This is an image of some wood corbels that we are having made for another project
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  4. 4
    The section of roof needs to be tied in better

    When this roof gets done the section will need to be most likely built up with membrane roofing. And flashed back to the upper slope. Remembering that we are most likely going to recommend will be a TPO screwed down over some insulation board.

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  5. 5
    This will need new facia boards and gutters

    This will need new facia boards and gutters.  The section of roof will need more facia boards and gutters because it is open and exposed to the elements we will put facia metal over the top before we add that new gutters.

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