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This EPDM roof is massive and in need of several repairs. Their chief complaints were several roof leaks that we were able to find the causes of. The first one was due to the edge being sealed by just tape, unfortunately that won’t waterproof anything, we will use a coating to seal up the edges and that will fix the leaks on the edges. There is a major leak in the middle that was cause from the a seal break from the two edges of the EPDM rolls. To fix this we will put tape over the edges and the n put a waterproof sealant over it.

How to fix an old leaky rubber roof

  1. 1
    Edge sealed

    Edge sealed
    Here is a spot that was leaking and needs to be resealed, taped up and coated with a waterproof sealant.

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  2. 2
    Major leak

    Major leak, this is the spot of the major leak that is the chief complaint of customer
    This is the major leak on the roof and chief complaint of the customer, to rectify this issue we will be taping down the edges and then be applying a waterproof coating

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  3. 3
    Rubber roof pull up

    Edge of EPDM coming up and needs to be resealed
    Another spot that needs to be resealed and coated with a waterproof sealant

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