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Coating a commercial metal roof: screws, horizontal laps, penetrations

  1. 1
    How to coat screws on a metal roof

    Metal roof screw that has been partially coded and is failing

    The screw is in free failure and will need to be coated.  Overall condition is poor but it could possibly prevent leaks as it sits but to be safe we need to coat the screw.

    There’s a picture of the metal roof screw that it’s been coated and is in good shape

    This roof screw is in pretty good shape and may not need to be coated.

    Coating on a metal roof screw that has been cracking in having problems and leaking

    The screws have been coated and it is in bad shape and will need to be re-coated to prevent it from leaking.

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  2. 2
    Portions of this roof have coding previously

    Coating on a metal roof That has numerous roof leaks This is the ridge of a metal roof that has leaks

    These laps need to be coated with Aldo, and they will also need to be scraped and cleaned as necessary to prepare the substrate.

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