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This home in West Knoxville is needing an updated roof. The roof is showing signs of being an older roof. The shingles on the dormer have stains from rain water. This home will be getting an Owens Corning Oakridge Onyx Black shingle.

During Construction

  1. 1
    All Wood Was Inspected

    After the roof tear off, all of the wood was inspected to make sure that it was good to shingle over. All of the wood was good, there was no rotten wood and we were able to do new shingles.

    This is a picture of a garage with only the wood showing and no shingles

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  2. 2
    Synthetic Underlayment And Ice And Water Shield Added

    Synthetic underlayment and ice and water shield were added to the roof after the tear off. Both of these were added as extra layers of protection to prevent leaks.

    this is a picture of ice and water shield being added to a valley this is a picture of synthetic underlayment  under new shingles

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New OC Roof

  1. 1
    New OC Roof Installed

    A new Owens Corning Oakridge roof was installed on this home. We went with the Onyx Black color on this home to go with the gray. Ridge vent was installed for better ventilation of the roof. All new pipe boots were installed on this roof. 

    this is a picture of a new OC roof in onyx bACK This is a picture of a new pipe boot on an OC roof This is a picture of a new black roof on a garage This is a picture of a new black roof on the backside of a house This is a picture of a new black roof that was installed This is a picture of a chimney with vinyl siding This is a picture a dormer with two valleys

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