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GAF lifetime roofing system commercial shingle roof replacement

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    Previous roofers didn’t use chalk lines!

    In this photo, the shingles are not installed in a straight line. This is a result of failure to pop chalk lines for consecutive rows.

    This a view of brown shingles on the roof.

    This is a view of darker shingles being installed.


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    How to properly stagger GAF Timberline

    Proper stagger for Timberline HDZ shingles

    GAF shingle manufacturers are concrete on how their warranty systems must be installed. Please leave it to the experts at Litespeed Construction to ensure that your roof is installed correctly and to the manufacturer's specifications.

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    Customer testimonial.
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    Nice straight lines

    New information on the GAF roof.This is an up close view of the GAF shingles installed.

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