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GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Inspection

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    GAF Timberline shingles

    Notice that shingle rows are straight and shingles are laid correctly. Look at your house or neighbors and see if the shingle is straight. These are GAF Timberline HD Charcoal Shingles.

    This a view at the roof slope with GAF Timberline HD Shingles.

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    GAF Weatherwatch Used

    Weatherwatch is an ice shield used in the valleys to protect against ice damage. If you do not have this, you can have a leaky roof. If you are getting a new roof, make sure they use this. 

    This is a view of the valley of the roof.

    This is a view from the ridge looking at the valley at a dormer.

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    Customer Testimonial
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    GAF Cobra 3 Ridge Vents

    Roof vents are essential because they allow the heat to vent out of the attic in the summertime, save on electricity bills, and keep your house cooler. 

    This is a view of the ridge of the roof with ridge cap shingles.

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