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Old Ballasted Membrane Roof with Several Problem Areas

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    HVAC lines get special flashing kits called pitch pockets when installed properly
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    Several penetrations in the membrane in one small area causing leaks and puddling water

    Roof hatch area appears to be leaking in at least one area In this photo, you can see signs that water and debris gather in the sagging area in front of the roof hatch.  This area appears to have been leaking for a while, and some repairs have been attempted.

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  3. 3
    Improper membrane installation and failing fasteners

    FaILING CHIMney flashing causes leaks and further deterioration Here, you can see where the termination bar was used to flash this chimney area.  The fasteners are beginning to loosen, causing movement and sealant failure.  There does not appear to be a reinforced perimeter strip at the lower change of plane, allowing more movement and trampolining in this area, making it much more likely to move or tear.  This area appears to have some leaking issues.

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