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Upon our initial inspection it was obvious what was wrong with the roof and why it was leaking inside. The trim metal they used on the gables was gable metal and normally this would have been the correct trim metal to use. But this gable isn’t straight. It goes up on a steep angle, this angle lets water build up under the edge of the roof. This has rotted out all the fascia boards and has caused leaks in the cabin.

Rotten fascia under gable metal

  1. 1
    Fascia wood rotted away

    Once we removed the old gable metal you was obvious that the water has been filling up under the gable metal and soaking the fascia and back flowing into the roof causing the leak inside.

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  2. 2
    Replaced wood with new

    Here are a few before pictures and after pictures of the replaced wood.
    Here are a few pictures after we replaced the wood.


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  3. 3
    Correct trim metal

    In these pictures you can see that the trim metal we used goes under the the metal roofing allowing water to go down the roof and then out onto our drip edge and off the roof. Versus down the roof and under the other metal. 

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Lots of rotten fascia under gable metal

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