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This Roof Has Problems Besides Hail Damages

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    This is How You Don’t Nail Shingles

    Is a picture of a nail that has missed placed on a shingle roof the nail is at the union of two shingles

    This is a picture of a nail that is miss placed on a shingle roof it is too close to the shingle union

    This roof has this problem everywhere, the issue is that the nails are too close to the unions of the shingles. This problem can lead to reflex anytime anyplace anywhere.

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    Adjusters Chalk Marks W=0 H=0

    What an insurance adjuster will typically do is to put chalk marks on the roof. They will describe which side of the roof that the chalk marks are on north south east or west, and then describe what damages W stands for wind and H stands for hail. Equals zero means that they found no wind or hail damage on the shingle roof.

    Adjuster’s chalk marks on a shingle roof saying there’s no damage to the roof

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    Very Cool Customer How we Can Help

    This is a scenario where there is an amount of marginal hail damage on this roof and the roof has a lot of granular loss as a result of it. This is occurring primarily on the back and right sides which are west-facing and south-facing. This video is him talking about hopefully getting the insurance company to come back out and reinspect the roofs and find some funding to replace this roof.

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