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Roof Inspection in Dandridge TN

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    Roof Inspection Video
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    This is the front of the roof

    This is a 23-year-old shingle roof that has hail damage in Dandridge Tennessee

    The front of this roof doesn’t have any missing or wind damage shingles, but there is a lot of fiberglass showing on each shingle, and obviously, there is quite a bit of hail damage on this roof too.

    Below is the picture of the roof during construction with synthetic underlayment getting installed.

    Adding synthetic underlayment on a roof

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    These vents have hail impacts

    Hail damage roof vent in Dandridge Tennessee This is a Grey Shingle With roof damage

    When hail hits the roof, It can impact the soft metals of the roof. This will be the Vents and Gutters and Flashing. These portions of the roof are damaged. It’s always a good place to check for actual hail damage because this will be with any insurance company and inspected.

    This is a picture of vents have hail impacts

    This is a picture of the roof getting install those pictures during the construction of the synthetic underlayment and the deck of the roof to show that there are no issues with the rotten roof decking.

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    These gutters need to be replaced

    These gutters need to be replaced. They are holding a lot of water and are improperly pitched. Also, there is hail damage on them, and every miter is leaking.

    This is a picture of a Gutter that has leaks at the miter This is a picture of a gutter corner that is leaking This is the gutter that is holding water and is Miss pitched in dandridge TN

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