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Rental Property With Roof Issues

  1. 1
    EPDM Cover Tape

    EPDM cover tape failing along the parapet wall.


    EPDM Cover Tape failing along parapet wall

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  2. 2
    Pitch Pockets failing

    Pitch pockets are beginning to fail. 


    this is a picture of an old black epdm rubber roof and there are several pipe coming through the roof

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  3. 3
    Water damage may have caused bad decking

    EPDM has gotten wet underneath, causing EPDM to buckle and become detached from ISO boards. It is probably causing roof deck damage.

     this is a picture of the corner of an old epdm commercial roof that has wrinkles in the rubber roof

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  4. 4
    EPDM Flashing Tape is Failing.

    EPDM flashing tape is starting to peel, and EPDM is becoming too detached. 

    this is a picture of the inside corner of an old rubber roof that has been lapped over the top of a parapet wall

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