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Commercial Building with Roof Leak.

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    ALDO 385 Recommended for this roof

    ALDOSEAL 385 is a technologically advanced, high solids, single component moisture-cure polyurethane elastomeric sealant. In addition, ALDOSEAL 385 is a brush-grade sealant and an excellent all-purpose sealer to address roof leaks on most roofing substrates.

     ALDOSEAL 385 provides more excellent protection against leaks and water penetration than most sealants due to its tenacious adhesive properties, higher tensile strength, and low vapor permeability values.

    The proposal for this roof is to use 385 Horizontal Laps and to cover all screws, penetration, and skylight. 

    this is a picture of all of the screws and penetrations in a roof coated with aldo 385

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  2. 2
    Repair work completed on this roof

    We sealed areas that had been leaking previously.  

    this is the aldo 385 product coating around an old skylight on a metal roof

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  3. 3
    Commercial Roof Repairs using Aldo 385

    Repairs using Aldo 385

    picture of commercial roof coating around a skylight on a metal roof


    metal roof with some of the coating to exposed screws

    metal roofing panel with some rust and with coating at metal panel lap

    commercial roof coating a metal roof panel lap

    picture of exposed screws on a metal roof

    this is a picture of a gray metal roof and a skylight that is leaking

    this is a picture of a gray metal roof and the screws that are holding down the skylight

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    Flyover Drone Footage

    Check out the flyover drone footage of the completed job. 


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