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A few roof issues found upon inspection of roof. These are basically regular maintenance items sharps Chapel Tennessee

  1. 1
    Nail pop causing leak potential fixed

    Lil pump in residential architectural shingle roof likely to cause a leak

    In this photo, you can see a framing nail sticking out of the roof, causing the shingle to be displaced and leaving a hole that almost certainly is leaking. The nail was removed, both shingles were lifted, holes repaired, and sealed back down. 

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  2. 2
    Hole in Ridge kept shingle resealed

    In this photo, you can see that the ridge caps shingle hers suffered an impact of some kind and could potentially be causing a leak. This was sealed up with roofing caulk.

    A hole from some type of impact on the ridge cap shingles is likely to cause a leak on the very top of the roof. This will need to be sealed or replaced

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  3. 3
    Ridge cap shingles with exposed nails sealed

    When installing the last ridge cap shingles, you have no other option to face nailed it. These nails should be sealed with caulk to prevent leaks into the ridge

    Here, you can see that the last ridge caps it was installed left exposed nails. These should be sealed with caulk to prevent leaks. This area has now been sealed. 

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    Roof repair customer testimonial sharps Chapel tn
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