Roof leak at pipe exhaust

  1. 1
    Seal all existing nails that are uncovered

    We went over the entire section of this roof and made sure there were no exposed nails that could possibly leak.

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  2. 2
    Caulking the top of an exhaust pipe to stop a roof leak

    Caulking the top of an exhaust pipe to stop a roof leak.  This is important because leaks can occur in the exhaust pipe we went ahead and made sure that there’s no water that was leaking here.

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  3. 3
    This is a shingle union that is not correctly done we use flashing here

    This is a picture of a shingle that is brown in color where a roof leak is occurring

    This particular roof leak is most likely occurring because the shingle union above does not extend all the way to the shingles above. We used a piece of flashing here to make sure that the water would get in at the shingle union.

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  4. 4
    Leaking shingle union

    Fixing leak with caulk and aluminum flashing. 



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  5. 5
    Caulking fasteners and exhaust vent

    This is a picture of exhaust vent coming out of a roof. This vent has clear caulk along the edges.

    I caulked under and around both exhaust vents. 

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