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Older Roof With Some Issues

  1. 1
    Gutter Guards Improperly Placed

    The gutter guards on this home are perfect, but they are improperly placed. The guards need to be going completely under the shingles for them to work properly. We will be setting them correctly with the new roof

    This is a picture of gutter guards not fully under the shingles.

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  2. 2
    Issues With The Shingles

    This roof has a few issues. Various nail pops are very common for these older three-tab roofs. The pipe boots are rotting out, making the water very easy to get through. There are also a couple of missing shingles on the backside.

    This is a picture of a pipe boot that is rotting This is a picture of a nail pop under the shingles. This is a picture of a broken shingle near the ridge vent

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  3. 3
    Old Style Ridge Vent

    This home has the old-style ridge vent. These vents are notorious for leaks, and with the new roof, we will install a new ridge vent with shingles over it.

    This is a picture of an old metal ridge vent

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  4. 4
    Metal Transition

    When we replace the roof, we will be replacing the metal transition from the shingles to the metal. We will be using a stronger and longer-lasting metal.

    This is a picture of a metal transition from shingle to metal roofing

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